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Game Changing Approach to IDEA Validation.

Collect, Refine and Evaluate new Product Ideas using unfiltered, real-time Customer Feedback. Say goodbye to guesswork and shape your next winning product using AI powered real customer insights.

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For Entrepreneurs

Get real-time feedback on your ideas and concepts before developing your first sample. Iterate quickly, refine your concepts using real customer feedback and substantially reduce your innovation overheads.

For Existing Brands

From feature gaps to pricing, packaging, and marketing messages, validate your decisions using real customer data. Identify product gaps, refine new variations and pre-launch your product with your ideal customers.

Authentic Consumer Insights

Our platform, exclusively crafted for consumer products, guarantees an immersive and authentic feedback experience, fostering an environment where users effortlessly share genuine, unfiltered insights.

In contrast to conventional survey apps that frequently fall short on context IDEALY creates feedback pages that vividly resemble real-life products.This distinctive approach adds contextual richness, immersing users in an experience that closely mimics interacting with a live page.


Accelerate Product Market Fit

Get real-time feedback on your ideas and concepts before you even produce your first sample or prototype. Idealy's platform empowers you to iterate quickly, refine the concept using customer feedback data, accelerating time to Product Market Fit.


Right Business Decisions

  • IDEALY's advanced AI quickly identifies promising ideas and consumer-centric features, eliminating guesswork in decision-making.

  • Categorize and score ideas based on our unique innovation framework, operational feasibility and financial metrics streamlining the evaluation process, and quickly nixing bad ideas so you can focus on the top ones.

Deep Product Insights

Uncover Product Gaps

Discover areas for improvement and untapped opportunities within your consumer product offerings.

Understand Customer Sentiment

Embrace the emotional needs of your customers, detect market shifts and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Goodbye to Guesswork

Make data-driven decisions and prioritize ideas that truly meet your customers' needs, driving customer obsession and satisfaction.

Key Features

Interactive Feedback

Empower Users to express their opinions with likes and dislikes, providing instant insights into the popularity of concepts. Feature Sorting & Poll feature allow for more nuanced and targeted feedback collection.

Simulated Product Page

The feedback page is designed specifically for Consumer Products, offering a simulated Product Detail Page experience, highlighting essential features, certifications, and captivating product images.

Product Variations

Explore a spectrum of possibilities by creating variations of your ideas. Present alternative adaptations of your concepts to understand user preferences and insights.

Offer Rewards

Offer flexible rewards that builds further loyalty instead of paying big bucks for transactional feedback. Incentivized participation with promotions, coupons, free products, access to Trials or gift cards.

AI-Enhanced Insights

Leverage the power of AI with features such as AI-assisted rankings, refining ideas based on customer conversations, and generating vivid customer storyboards.


Seamlessly integrates into your digital ecosystem, embedding effortlessly on your Website or App. Share it via email or social media, extending your reach and ensuring that valuable feedback is just a click away.

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